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Nearshoring is the practice of outsourcing business operations to a nearby country or region, rather than a distant location. Nearshoring IT operations enables companies to access skilled labour and other resources at a lower cost than what is available in their home country.

Nearshoring allows companies to access a pool of skilled IT professionals in a nearby location, which can be beneficial for project management and communication. In addition, nearshoring can improve customer service by reducing response times and increasing the ability to resolve issues more quickly.

Choosing Qimia as their dedicated IT service provider, businesses can be confident that they are working with a reliable and reputable partner that can help them achieve their business objectives at competitive rates.


Continuous Deployment Cycle

Ensured quality and consistency with instant resource acquisition and replacement.

Staff Augmentation

Cover resource or skill gaps of your in-house IT team with our experts managed by you directly.

Self-Managed Team

Get a self-managed team led by our team leads to conduct your IT initiative.


Greater flexibility in terms of resource allocation and the ability to scale up or down as needed.



Optimize the quality and cost-effectiveness of IT operations


Easier to communicate and collaborate, as time zone differences and language barriers are less likely to be an issue


Offers greater flexibility in terms of the resources and expertise for IT endeavours

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