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On-site IT operations can help a business maintain and troubleshoot its IT infrastructure, while remote IT operations can help a business access IT support and services remotely, increasing flexibility and potentially reducing costs. These services are designed to give businesses access to a pool of resources, with specialist IT skills, to keep processes running.

On-site support can be beneficial for companies that require immediate assistance with IT issues, as it allows for rapid response times and quality control. Remote support can be more cost-effective and flexible, as it allows for work to be done regardless of location.

Qimia is experienced in both on-site and remote working models, so businesses can be confident that they are working with a reliable and reputable partner that can make their IT projects a reality.


Scalable Resources

Scalable IT resources and talent pool per request of clients.

Standardized IT Process

Tried and tested methods to ensure streamlined IT processes.

Certified IT Professionals

Access the talent and resources you need to drive your IT operations.

Risk Management

Manage your risks by shifting certain responsibilities to a dedicated IT provider.



Flexible support & project management regardless of your location


Boosted productivity for all business processes with certified professionals


A roster of professionals across three continents ready to undertake your project needs

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